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Use Excel like Tables in your Tableau Dashboards

With the SuperTables extension for Tableau, you can offer your dashboard users the power of interactive and dynamic Excel-like tables that allow users to decide how to organize and analyse their data in a flexible grid using the features just like in Excel and without leaving Tableau! Enrich your dashboards in a secure and governed way with the SuperTables extension for Tableau and allow your visitors to do their own analysis with the summarised data of your visualisations.   Let your users group data, pivot tables, use inline filters on columns, expand rows and export to pdf, csv and Excel while using the SuperTables formatting. This fast performing table enriches your dashboards with extra context to your dashboards without any boundaries. It supports dashboard actions, it makes sure your calculations on aggregated data are correct and it offers your users the possibility to store their personal views on Tableau Server or Cloud so they can start tomorrow where they stopped today. SuperTables supports keyboard navigation and has lots of accessibility features!

Get started!

Learn more about the SuperTables extension here. Learn how to quickly set it up with our Product Guide.

Enjoy the full potential of SuperTables for free in Tableau Desktop and Web Authoring!

SuperTables free is completely functional and features only a discreet banner. This gives you the perfect opportunity to explore and utilize all that SuperTables has to offer in Tableau before deciding to subscribe in your production environment. SuperTables free is not enabled for viewers of published dashboards. To experience the full product which will also renders for Tableau Viewers, request a free trial over here:

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